Productive Agricultural Support for Victims of the January 12 Earthquake

To support agricultural production, reinforce food security, and improve the incomes of farmers and victims of the January 12 earthquake in Fon Batis, Saint Marc, and Breli. More than 300 farmers from 5 cooperatives received distributions of cabbage and leek seeds and sweet potato seedlings. 125 farmers were trained in organic pest control techniques and received pest traps. Cooperative members received training in the philosophy and principles of credit management, and credit contracts were established with two cooperatives. Cooperative farmers received 26,200 gourdes in agricultural credit in order to finance the planting season. Community members also received 32,000 kg of cement to rebuild destroyed and damaged homes.

Cost: $25,000 USD
Term: 2011
Funder/Partner: Hope International Development Agency (HIDA)