Food Security Reinforcement in Fon Batis

To improve food security and livelihoods for 500 cooperative farmers in Fon Batis. Farmers in Fon Batis are suffering from extreme food insecurity following the destruction of their harvests and their seed stores in the 2012 planting season. A period of drought, followed by two hurricanes in 2012, caused widespread crop destruction across Haiti. Members of three cooperatives in Fon Batis will receive badly needed distributions of seeds and tools. Cooperatives will receive capital credit to store harvests and support member farmers in times of need. Cooperative members will also receive training in seed multiplication techniques, pest management and storage techniques, market vegetable production, and organic composting techniques. Farmers will be able to diversify their crops and provide a store of harvests and seeds not only to recover from the current food insecurity, but also to withstand similar shocks in the future. Click here to find out more about World Accord’s partnership with FIDA/pcH in Haiti.

Cost: $20,000 USD
Term: Six months
Funder/Partner: World Accord