Improved Livestock Raising and Business Management for Poultry Production

To train pcH staff and community members in Zoranger in improved management of poultry for meat and egg production, and to provide an example of a viable poultry production unit that is appropriate to the local context. pcH staff will be trained on how to implement and support poultry production programs in rural Haiti. In particular, pcH staff will receive training in poultry husbandry, health management, and basic business management relating to poultry production. Community members in Zoranger will receive training in poultry husbandry, disease control, feeding, and improving local feeds. Four localities in Zoranger will participate in the construction and management of demonstration chicken coops. Project participants will experience how to manage viable, appropriate poultry production units and how to apply basic farm management skills. pcH will increase their capacity in delivering poultry production support to rural communities in Haiti.

Cost: $25,000 CAD
Term: Three months
Funder/Partner: University of Prince Edward Island Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), Interantional Sustainable Community Assistance (ISCA), and Haiti Broilers