Lescave Post Matthew Economic Recovery

The project aims to facilitate post-hurricane economic recovery and contribute to sustainable livelihoods of the most vulnerable families of the Duchity Communale Section of the Pestel region, in the area of Lescave and Gorgette. The project will constitute an initiative founded on the holistic, people-centered development approach. It is designed to   empower communities and avoid creating dependency by progressively strengthening the community capacity to be able to sustain processes of endogenous development. It is now widely acknowledged that an integrated approach that deliberatively develops on the inherent synergy between stakeholders is an essential element for achieving internationally agreed upon social and economic development goals.

The primary objectives of the project are:

  • to assist the most vulnerable and most affected families to recover their livelihoods, and improve agricultural production
  • to reinforce the capacity of local cooperatives local cooperatives to produce high quality seeds by initiating production and promoting local seed banks
  • to promote community resilience building and reinforce local food security system by way of a model garden concept
  • To address issues of environment and climate change adaption by facilitating farmer-led innovation around good agricultural practices, rainwater management, and promotion of an adapted agricultural system that will serve to reduce soil and gully erosion, greatly improve agricultural production, and ensure medium and long-term food security for participating families.
Cost: $221,955 USD
Term: October 2019-September 2021
Funder/Partner: TearFund Netherlands/World Renew