Adult Literacy (Fon Batis) 2021-2024

This particular program  focuses on the community of Fon Batis in the communal section north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The area was the site of the very first literacy pilot undertaken from 2001-2003. Members of approximately 7 cooperatives were the beneficiaries. Viewed as “risky but innovative” the pilot was funded at the time by the then-known Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). In the FIDA/pcH model, literacy is offered as a benefit to invested shareholders of a cooperative. It is a choice by members to participate. To our astonishment, membership in cooperatives tripled! The 7 cooperatives are at various levels of functioning representing approximately 3000 members, many of whom joined following 2003 and not had the benefit of literacy. In some case, husbands who declined literacy on the basis of ego, have seen the transformation of their wives and now express an interest in participating.

Total current registration for literacy 2020 is 1,561 (Men = 577/Women = 984). In Year one, only two of three levels will be offered; 1,231 (Men = 476/Women = 793) participants have been pre-tested for Level I; 296 (Men = 105/Women = 191) participants have been pre-tested for Level II. The cooperatives will select 75 locations to serve as the educational “centres”.

The objective of the  program is to strengthen the capacity of women and men farmers to enable greater trust, confidence and self-awareness for the greater benefit of families and the community. The program offers a three-level curriculum in Kreyòl with each level being a nine-month term and covers the following areas of learning:

  • Knowledge and application of the notions of oral communication, written and artistic
  • Knowledge and application of essential concepts in mathematics
  • Knowledge and skills in experimental sciences
  • Knowledge, awareness and skills related to their environment
  • Knowledge and ability in protection of the environment
  • Knowledge and ability in business management
  • Ability to transfer skills and to create wealth
  • Knowledge and ability to respect the rights of others and to perform civic duties responsibly
  • Capacity to transmit learned values
  • Ability to exercise decision-making power within groups and/or community
Term: 2021-2024
Cost: $583,224 CAD
Funder/Partner: Jim and Lorna Blair Foundation, Significant Anonymous Donor