FIDA eNewsletter January 2023

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FIDA eNewsletter December 2022 — Haiti: The Last Chapter

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FIDA eNewsletter December 2022

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FIDA eNewsletter OCTOBER 2022

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FIDA Fall Fundraising Reception for Haiti 2022

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Kreyol Garden (Fon Batis) 2022-2028

The Kreyòl Garden project embraces the local expression of “Jaden Kreyòl”. The Kreyol Garden concept can play an essential role in the balance of small holder farms. It builds sustainable gardens by providing organic matter to soils and preserving moisture during dry periods by planting shade trees and other woody plants which in themselves provide value as biomass (e.g. charcoal) and commodity crops (e.g. coffee). It is part of a development system that has several stages: 1. establishment, 2. growth and multiplication and 3. stability and sustainability. It embraces scientific methods (e.g. genetic selection of seeds), creates diversity and moves in the direction of environmental restoration and resilience.

The project aims to improve the nutritional health of households in the selected area of Fon Batis, through the practices of agroforestry, food production and the processing of agricultural products. It aims to strengthen the capacities of cooperative members to develop their livelihoods and it creates marketing opportunities. It includes five phases:

  1. Training and awareness on nutritional and agroforestry practice
  2. Nutritional and food surveys
  3. Agriculture and processing of agricultural commodities including selection of crops for nutritional health and seasonal security with superior varieties
  4. Agroforestry practice including succession and transition of vegetables to fruits and woody crops
  5. Monitoring and evaluation
Term: 2022-2028
Cost: $500,000 CAD
Funder/Partner: Hope International Development Agency (HIDA)/Premier Equipment Ltd.
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Adult Literacy (Delis) 2022-2025

The pcH Literacy Program has been launched in a second location in the community of Delis. It is the first literacy program for the pcH Cooperative presently established. Twenty-one centres have opened in its first year representing 471 adult men and women who are motivated to transform their lives.

Term: 2022-2025
Cost: $339,000 USD
Funder/Partner: Private Donor
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Water Development (Fon Batis) 2022-2023

The sanitation challenges encountered in Fon Batis are directly related to the problems of access quality of the water, which causes numerous risks of contamination and infections, in particular, sarcoptosis and typhoid among the majority of the population. Moreover, the water collected from distant supply points is not safe for human consumption. The water is not always potable; it can even be deadly given the recurrent epidemics in the country. One of the most popular water sources is the “Marianne” spring located at two hours walk to and from the source. This spring serves approximately 3,000 people in twelve (12) localities.

In the localities, water is mainly transported by women and children and sometimes by donkey, which presents high risks. The road that leads to the source has a very uneven topography that often causes people to fall, resulting in physical damage (fractures, injuries, sprains, etc.). The community has everything to gain in the realization of this project. Indeed, a peasant will say, “Si yon moun ta mennen dlo sa anlè pou nou, pa gen anyen li mande nou pou pa fè l pou li…” If someone brings us water, we will never have to ask anything more of them.” (or to put it another way, if they have water, then they will be able to take of everything else their family would need)

The objective of the project is to improve the drinking water needs of more than 1,000 families (or 7,000 men, women and children) in the 12 localities of the communal section of Fon Batis by:

  • establishing a potable water supply system through the capture of the “Marianne” spring for the 12 localities of Fon Batis
  • constructing four (4) tanks, four (4) pumping systems and a water treatment plant
  • Installing four (4) solar systems to facilitate water pumping
  • equipping the system with a distribution network guaranteeing the water to kiosks
Term: 2022-2023
Cost: $201,000 USD
Funder/Partner: Hope International Development Agency (HIDA)/Private Donors
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FIDA Jack Wall Notice MAY 2022

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