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It’s been said Haiti bypasses the head and goes straight to the heart. Every visitor will tell you, Haiti is real. Such is your experience on a FIDA Haiti Adventure Tour (HAT). We encourage you to come prepared to listen, observe and learn. While many people who visit Haiti anticipate they must “do” something to justify their time in a country that is viewed as “the poorest country in the western hemisphere”, our motto is, “be still and listen and we will exhaust you.” You will be welcomed yet challenged. Things are often not what they seem. Haiti is a fascinating, enigmatic and intense land requiring diligence and patience to comprehend and appreciate.


Behind every mountain there is a mountain

What to bring…

Haiti temperatures go from hot to hotter. Tee shirts and light cotton pants or knee-length shorts are recommended. Dresses and loose-fitting skirts are also acceptable attire for women. Light colours, to reflect the heat, as opposed to darker colours are a good choice. A light jacket may be required for cooler evenings, particularly if you are travelling in the winter months. Bring along a hat or bandanna, sunscreen, and sunglasses for protection.

Sandals (flip-flops) are fine in and around the guesthouse where you will be staying. However, heavier type sandals, comfortable closed-toe shoes/sneakers and socks are advisable for walking and hiking.

The week includes much travelling so you may want to bring along snacks such as trail mix, energy bars, etc. Please avoid chocolate as it instantly melts in Haiti. It may be helpful to take along a product such as Imodium if you’re sensitive to new foods and environments. Although not necessary, a flashlight may come in handy as Haiti’s source of power can be unreliable. If you’re a light sleeper, earplugs are useful in eliminating the sounds nearby traffic, barking dogs and early morning roosters.

We advise to leave valuables, your work, your Western standards and expectations at home. Do bring along a sense of humour, a love of adventure, an open heart and mind.


You must sleep at John’s house to know how he snores

A week at a glance…

Your itinerary offers a varied and exciting week in Haiti. It is designed to invite you to explore how to make a difference in the world that is appropriate and respectful. You will experience the beauty of the country and its people: from visiting agricultural cooperatives, seed storage silos, irrigation/reservoir systems, literacy centres, open markets, sugar cane mills, the famous Saut d’eau Falls, shopping, a city tour that includes a visit to the Haitian museum and lunch at the renowned Olafsson Hotel. All cooperatives are located in rural areas, from mountains to valleys to plains. The roads are formidable. The mountains are steep. Be prepared for adventuresome drives.

At the cooperative locations, you will have an opportunity to meet proud co-op members who have transformed their communities. They will be honoured to dialogue with you, to share their challenges and vision for their community and for their cooperative. Your presence is an encouragement to them as they address the adversities of their daily life. They will not ask for handouts. They desire respect and a desire for you to see them for who they are and what they can do.

Your group will also be given the option of attending church or a beach day. Haiti is renowned for its stunning beaches of fine white sand and sun drenched crystal waters.


When the garden is far away, you’re not wasteful with your food

Wall’s International Guest House…

You will be accommodated at Wall’s International Guest House in Port au Prince. The Guest House welcomes travelers from all over the world and is, according to The Lonely Planet, a relaxed, cheerful place to stay while in Haiti.

Wall’s International Guest House can accommodate up to 80 guests. Most rooms and shower facilities are shared. All are air-conditioned. Please advise the Management if you have special needs as some rooms do have private bathrooms.

Breakfast and dinner are served buffet style and feature a tasty menu of Haitian/American fare. Lunch generally is sandwich style when travelling. Purified water and ice are available. There is a small swimming pool, a bar, internet service, a common television and small library. Laundry services are offered on weekdays. See our brochure for more information on the history and guidelines of Wall’s International Guest House.


Before the hen flies up, a curtsey she makes

Passports, vaccinations, medications…

Your passport is proof of your citizenship and must be valid. Passport applications are available at passport offices, post office outlets and government offices.  Allow at least three weeks for the delivery of your passport.

If your passport is due to expire within six months of your arrival in another country, check with that country’s embassy or your own country consulate for its rules and restrictions regarding passport validity and expiration. Some countries will not let you enter if your passport is due to expire within six months of entry.

Consult your doctor or local health unit well in advance of your trip. Vaccinations and preventive medications are at your discretion.


What the eye doesn’t see doesn’t move the heart

We look forward to sharing this incredible adventure to Haiti with you! We offer an extensive orientation to prepare you to embrace the country and its people with an open mind and a full heart. You can be assured that this vibrant country and its compelling people will transform you.


Your Host,

Ruth Wall Olbrych
Head Office: 519-886-9520